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Subscription FAQ

  • What is an ‘NDA Analysis’? An NDA is a Non-Disclosure Agreement
    An NDA is a Non-Disclosure Agreement or Confidentiality Agreement. Beagle provides a custom analysis of these types of documents. Beagle determines automatically if it is an NDA. If we get it wrong, just use the real time online chat to let us know.
  • What is an ‘Email Upload’?
    All you have to do is take the document you have and forward it to rufus@beagle.ai . We will automatically attach it to your account and email you with the results. This usually takes less than 2 minutes.
  • What is ‘Mobile View’?
    Mobile View is a new feature allowing a mobile friendly view of the most important clauses and the ability to search a document to find what you are looking for.
  • What is the ‘Chrome Extension’?
    The Chrome Extension will warn you of ‘Terms & Conditions’ and ‘I Agrees’ that may be clicked without fully understanding. You will know about those online contracts…all for free. Never click ‘I Agree’ again without Beagle sniffing out the fine print.
  • What is ‘Contract Analysis’?
    Beagle performs best on general commercial agreements. If you have a contract to buy or sell something or you see online ‘Terms and Conditions’, that is where Beagle excels.
  • What is ‘Web/Google Drive/Dropbox Upload’?
    There are various ways to upload a document to Beagle. We will continue to add new integrations.
  • What is ‘Collaboration’?
    Collaboration allows users to see, comment, like, dislike, tag & suggest edits. Collaborators cannot invite others or accept suggested changes.
  • What are ‘Export Documents’?
    Beagle allows you to export your accepted changes into a DOCX where most of the original formatting is maintained.
  • What is ‘Redline Export’?
    When you make a change, sometimes you want to show the original & the suggested change. In other cases, you may not want someone to use the system to view, so the export option will allow you to share your changes with them. This is great for reviewing those changes on a plane!
  • What are ‘Other Contract Types’?
    Other contracts include Commercial Leases, Privacy Policies and Investment Term Sheets. If you need a specific template, you can participate in its development. Do you need something we don’t have? Let us know at jda@beagle.ai
  • What are ‘External Invites’?
    An External Invite means inviting someone to collaborate. You can do this at a clause level or at a general level. Anyone invited to a single clause can see the entire agreement, so they can see all definitions and the clause in context.
  • What is ‘Support Type’?
    Support is email and online chat. If you need someone to call you on the phone, let us know.
  • What are ‘OCR Credits’?
    OCR means Optical Character Recognition. It allows our system to read the text in a PDF that is not text searchable. How many pages you can search per month depends on your pricing plan.

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